Leighton @ 6 months


Height + Weight: 26″ (54% percentile) | 17 lbs 3.5 oz (71% percentile)

We had her 6 month appointment this morning, and she is as healthy (and chunky) as can be! We got the go-ahead to move up to Stage 2 baby food, so we’ll start on that soon. 

Milestones: At the beginning of the month, Leighton figured out that she could reach out for things, such as toys, our food, and our phones. While we were cooking dinner one night, she was strapped into her bumbo chair and I saw her reaching toward one of her toys that was sitting on the dinner table. Next thing I knew, she’d managed to pull it down onto her bumbo tray to play with! Her hand/eye coordination seems to be improving every day. It’s also pretty adorable when she reaches out at us with both arms so she can feel our faces.

Likes: Anything she can put in her mouth — she does not discriminate. Rolling over to her tummy AS SOON as she’s laid down on her back — and then looking at us with the biggest smile ever, because of course she is so smart to have rolled over all by herself!

She’s working SO hard to crawl, which scares me a little, but it’s fun to watch. She’s currently pretty frustrated about the fact that her legs won’t cooperate so she can be on the move, but she still manages to scoot and roll in multiple directions. It’s amazing how far she can get in just a few minutes! 

Dislikes: She really does not appreciate having her face and hands wiped off after each baby food meal. Lately, she has also started going crazy on the changing pad (especially when she’s tired or hungry) squirming and trying to flip over to her tummy while being changed or having clothes put on, which makes for a fun situation for everyone involved!

Fun stuff  & firsts: In the solid food journey, she’s continued with trying puréed carrots, bananas, green beans, peaches, peas, and prunes. We’ve been busy this month when it comes to food! We typically feed her in the morning and evening, and she’s eating more and more each time. It’s so nice that she can sit in her bumbo chair at the table with us while we eat dinner now. (And a first for us would be actually eating dinner at the table and not in the basement while watching tv… we’re growing up, too!)

In mid-February, we left her with someone other than my mom for the first time ever! Our sweet neighbor Tiffany (who has a little girl just a few months older than Leighton) offered to watch her so we could have a nice dinner out with my family, and it went well. I’m so glad to have checked that “first” off the list!

She usually sleeps until somewhere between 2:30-4:30am, eats, and then goes right back to sleep till about 7. I’ll be so happy when she’s finally sleeping through the night, but I really don’t mind this little routine we have together, knowing that it won’t last forever. (And oh, how nice it’ll be to finally have a full night’s sleep!) We’re in the process of transitioning her feeding schedule to drop the 5pm feeding now that she’s eating solid foods 2-3 times a day. 

Some funny things right now: She flaps her arms like a little bird trying to fly, kicks her feet in the air and then slams them down into the ground when she’s lying on her back, and has started sticking out her teeny tiny tongue while being fed, which is so cute.

One of my absolute favorite things right now is her sweet, gummy smile, which she shows off all the time, especially when I look at her and make funny faces. She has the softest cheeks ever, and I love holding her next to my face so I can feel her chubby little cheeks.


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