Leighton @ 7 months


Weight: 18 lbs  (We don’t have another doctor’s appointment till 9 months, but we were there a couple times this week for illnesses… so we at least got her updated weight!)


Milestones: At 6 months and a week, she did her first army crawl!! Craig baited her with his iPhone, and I think she would have “crawled” all over the house after that thing. She has gotten progressively faster with each week. I think it’s time to start baby proofing! 

She’s starting to sit up unassisted and can quite a little while if she has a toy to keep her occupied.

We started stage 2 baby foods this month, and she’s tried all sorts of mixtures that included new foods like blueberries, corn, oranges, mango, spinach, apricots, zucchini, and turkey.

Likes: Our friends lent us their son’s walker (the kind they sit in), and she has loved scooting around in it! I’m surprised how much she’s able to move it already. It’s hilarious to watch her turn in circles or zoom across the room and bang into a wall or door with the walker. She’s loving the ability to be on the move even more!


Dislikes: She does NOT like being on her changing pad now because it requires her to stay still. I find this funny, as just a few short months ago, that was her favorite place to hang out! As soon as we lie her down, she tries to flip to her stomach and fly off the dresser… always keeping us on our toes. She also now dislikes being strapped into anything (car seat, stroller, etc) but will settle down once the strapping process is complete. I think she’d much rather be free to move around as she pleases, but that’s not gonna fly in the car! 🙂

Fun stuff  & firsts: Leighton donned the tiniest leprechaun hat for her first St. Patty’s Day! The weekend before the holiday, we spent the afternoon in Midtown watching the annual parade with various friends. Leighton thoroughly enjoyed hanging out in the Baby Bjorn, watching the parade go by from a 12th floor condo balcony, as well as walking down the street and collecting beads. 🙂


We started The Music Class in March, which is a 10-week semester of weekly classes (we’re doing the Music Pups for infants up through toddlers). We’ve been having so much fun listening and singing along to the songs, playing with instruments, dancing around, and just watching the older kids interact with our teacher, Mrs. Anna.

At just over 6 months, she learned how to blow raspberries, which is the most hilarious thing ever! She sticks out her tiny little tongue and does it over and over again. Another funny favorite is what we have deemed her “Elmer Fudd face.” I can’t accurately describe it, so I’ve included a photo below as an example. 🙂


We traveled to Nashville for Leighton’s first Easter at the end of March, and had a lovely long weekend filled with good food, family time, visiting friends, and of course Easter festivities. 


My current favorite nickname for her is Ladybug. She’s already in size 9 month pajamas and is wearing 6-9 month clothes for the most part. She’s also just moved up to size 3 diapers. 

This is certainly not fun, but she also got pink eye in both eyes, an ear infection, and a bad cold for the first time (all at the same time, no less). She’s a little trooper, though, and the only parts that seemed to bother her were taking the amoxicillin and having ointment put in her eyes 4x a day. She certainly looked and sounded pretty pitiful to us, though!

She also rode in a shopping cart for the first time this past week, and she loved sitting up and being able to check everything out while we shopped at Target. I have a feeling this is going to make my shopping trips a lot easier… until she’s big enough to grab everything off the shelves and demand that I buy them! 🙂

She has become quite the “busy baby” — always into something, intently inspecting anything she can get her hands on, and she won’t stay still for more than about 2 seconds. Her head is constantly on a swivel, wanting to check out everything in sight. Looks like we’re going to have our hands full! 


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