A Few of My Favorite Things (150)

[Stella & Dot outfit of the week:: Eden Fringe Necklace // Gap tshirt // Target shorts]

[Monday happy hour(s)]

[baby fashion — catmermaid style!]

[reunion before the reunion]

[4 generations]

[15yr reunion]

[lunch dates]

It’s always a good thing when the week kicks off with a girls dinner – especially when it includes outdoor dining, margaritas, and good Mexican food! My college dorm girlfriends (who live nearby) and I try to meet up for dinner monthly, which is something I always look forward to. We spent a few hours talking, and it makes me so happy to have these friendships that have been going strong for almost 15 years!

My mom joined Leighton and me for our weekly music class and took us to lunch afterward, which may have to become a regular activity. 🙂 We jumped around, banged on instruments, and sang with our little bug. It was fun to include Grandma this time!

We continued the month of travel with a long weekend trip up to Nashville for Craig’s 15yr high school reunion, and we had such a great time! I love going to visit Craig’s hometown of Franklin and seeing his family and our many friends who live there and in Nashville. Since I’m not working full time and Craig’s work schedule allows for some more flexibility, we now typically go up to visit for 3 nights, which makes such a difference for us!

Friday night, we put L to bed and went into Nashville to hang out with some of our buddies. #momanddadsnightout We had a yummy pizza dinner with live music at Donato’s with one of our besties Danielle (and her new fiancĂ©!) and met up with some more friends in Midtown for the night. We lost track of time having fun and sort of regretted it the next day when Leighton woke up at 6am, but it was worth it!

We got in lots of visits this time, including a delicious homemade lunch with Craig’s grandparents (chicken salad and croissants – yum!!), a trip to see some good family friends who were in town for the weekend, and lunch with my college BFF Charlotte and her boyfriend. We went to Mitchell Deli in East Nashville – great sammies, a Sunday breakfast buffet, and lots of outdoor seating. I recommend if you’re in the area! I begged Craig to stop at the famed Donut Den on our way there, but he denied my request, saying that we didn’t need donuts AND lunch… I say there’s always room for donuts. Amiright?

Craig’s reunion was Saturday night at this neat place in Franklin called The Factory. We stay in touch with several high school friends of his, so it was great to spend more time with them, as well as getting to catch up with some folks he hadn’t seen in years – or since graduating. It’s amazing how, in general, some people don’t seem to change at all, and others are almost unrecognizable after so much time. Also, big thanks to Craig’s family for staying home to make sure Leighton was sleeping safe and sound while we had some much-needed fun with friends!

Nashville is one of our most favorite places to be, and we look forward to making it back up soon!

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