Craig’s 1st Father’s Day


I love holidays and celebrations, and this year especially, Father’s Day is no exception. Craig jumped into fatherhood with a smile on his face the second Leighton was born, and he’s just become more confident in his new role with each passing day. Sometimes LL likes to give him a hard time and won’t share her kisses, but she’s definitely becoming better buddies with her daddy. I so look forward to watching their bond strengthen in the coming years!

We kicked off the weekend with Leighton’s first boat ride. Despite the pouring rain that showed up right as we were about to load into the water (causing us to sit in the car entertaining Leighton for an hour), we had fun once we finally got to try out the new family boat. Lake Allatoona is so pretty and serene! Our ride didn’t last long thanks to the return of raindrops, but we enjoyed it while we could. It was fun to see Leighton experience another “first”!


Saturday was spent mostly at home, but we did celebrate Leighton’s neighbor best friend Emmy’s 1st birthday at their house down the street. They were born 3 months apart, so I envision these little girls playing together on our street and at the pool for years to come. We also tried out a new restaurant in the Vinings – Stockyard Burgers – and we look forward to going back. Mac n cheese as a burger topping? Yes, please.


The girls and I (yes, that includes Coco) woke Craig up with presents and cards on Sunday morning, which was so fun! Things like this are some of the little moments I’ve dreamed of. We also made him a daddy “bouquet” filled with scratch-off tickets and a gift card (he won $18 and a couple free tickets, by the way).


The rest of the day was spent eating around town with family! Yum! Brunch was at Del Frisco’s, and then we met my family and our SIL’s parents for dinner at my dad’s new favorite spot, Blue Ridge Grill. He and my mom go there weekly when he’s not traveling, and he has made bffs with the servers and staff there. They even made a special dish he requested in advance as one of the evening’s featured items – talk about service!


I can’t talk about our weekend without mentioning my incredible dad, too. He’s the hardest working, most passionate and dedicated person I know, and he has given us invaluable guidance and support over the years. He loves his family deeply, and it’s so neat to now see him with his granddaughter, our baby girl. She’s learned to wave recently, and at each meal we had with my parents over the weekend, she’d just look across the table at him and wave and smile. Heart melting stuff right there.


I’m so thankful for all the dads in my life — Craig, my own dad, my father-in-law, grandfathers, uncles, and many friends who are now parents. I hope they all had a wonderful day being celebrated!

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