Leighton @ 10 months


Weight: approx 20 lbs 10 oz 

Milestones: As soon as Leighton hit 9 months, we got the OK from her pediatrician to start her on finger foods. We started with green peas, which are so gross to me, but she seems to be a big veggie fan. She’s since had banana, hummus, blueberries, peanut butter, cheese sticks, avocado, scrambled eggs, deli turkey and turkey sausage, tomatoes, refried beans, organic mac n cheese, guacamole, waffles, and ground beef. We may have also fed her a teeny bit of peach CFA milkshake and some whipped cream (straight from the can!)… 🙂 She has really taken to picking pieces of food up and (usually) makes the connection with her mouth. Right now, she seems to be a huge fan of deli turkey, cheese sticks, blueberries, and hummus! 

IMG_2004IMG_1718 (1)

It seems like with each passing day, she is getting faster and more mobile. She can pull herself up on pretty much anything (even a bare wall… usually using her face for assistance), and she will walk along the wall or furniture until she either runs out of room or falls down. She crawls all over the house, plays in Coco’s food bowl, loves grabbing the magnets off the dishwasher and trying to put them back on, and has an obsession with shoelaces. We joke that she’s trying to tie Craig’s shoes together as a prank.


Likes: Puffs!! She throws her arms up and wiggles in her high chair when the container comes out of the pantry. I don’t mind them for now because they have helped her learn how to feed herself and they’re almost always guaranteed to appease her when we’re out at a restaurant. 😉

Coco, always and forever. She tries to touch her whenever possible, and now she’s taken to sharing her food with her puppy sister while she’s in her high chair. Coco loves this new development.


She’s obsessed with our phones (I wonder why…), my car keys, and mine and my mom’s wallets because they have a large tassel on them that she loves to play with. 


We’re in our 2nd semester of music class, and it’s amazing how much she’s changed since we started her 1st class back in March. She crawls all over the room after the slightly older kids, pulls up on the walls and walks along them, and even shakes tambourines and bangs drums now!


Dislikes: Having said items (listed above) taken from her. This will almost always guarantee a scream or cry of some sort.

As with the past couple months, she still doesn’t like being laid down on her changing table and being strapped into her car seat without some sort of distraction.

Fun stuff & firsts: In mid-June, I left Leighton overnight for the first time ever. We went to Blowing Rock, NC for our friend Jaime’s wedding for 3 nights, and my dear mom kept her for us (my Aunt Mary even came up from FL to visit and help her out, which I know was so fun for them). It sounds like Leighton and Grandma had a wonderful time, and I’m so glad we were able to get away with friends and enjoy being together in such a beautiful place.

She’s recently learned to give high-fives on command, which she is super proud of! They’re the most gentle high-fives I’ve ever seen, but they still count. 

We recently bought her a convertible car seat (the Graco 4ever that converts all the way through booster seat). It’s nice not having to lug her around in the infant car seat anymore, because that thing was heavy as lead with her in it.

Leighton had her first boat ride over Father’s Day weekend, and she liked it so much, it pretty much lulled her to sleep. 🙂 We’re looking forward to going back out for a longer boat trip soon!


We celebrated Leighton’s first 4th of July with a long weekend that absolutely wore her out. We hit the pool with friends and had a cookout with them (where she found some new toys she really liked), cooked out and did sparklers with my parents, and then had lunch with friends and finished off the actual 4th with some afternoon pool time with our neighbors. Sadly, we missed all the fireworks due to early bedtime, but maybe next year!


Leighton, or Ladybug, as Craig and I often call her, is growing and changing right before our eyes. Each month brings more fun, new tricks, and endless joy!

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