A Big Family Vacay in Rosemary Beach


We used to take a yearly vacation with my family, and those trips have always created fond memories for us. The past couple years went by without a trip coming together, so this year, we decided a beach vacation was in order. We rented a gorgeous home in Rosemary Beach, FL for a week with my parents, brother and sister-in-law, and her parents. We’ve been to the area a few times for weddings, and we’ve always wanted to go back for a longer period of time to just relax and enjoy the quaint little towns that line 30A.


On our way down, we stopped to visit our grandmother Nannie in Samson, AL, and I’m so glad we made time for that. We hadn’t seen her since Christmas when Leighton was just 3 months old… so needless to say, a lot had changed! She got to watch her walk all around the house and see her wave and clap, which are our favorite new tricks of hers. She also made us her famous lemon cake to take down to the beach. Yum!


The week went more quickly than I thought it would. We spent our lazy days trekking back and forth from the white sand beach, hanging at our pool, eating out and cooking at the house, riding bikes and taking long morning walks through Rosemary down to Alys Beach, and enjoying everything else Rosemary has to offer. Oh, and baking in the unbelievably hot, humid weather. I’m from Florida, and I really don’t remember it being this hot.


My favorite day started with a nice couple mile walk along 30A while Leighton snoozed in the stroller (our morning routine), followed by a lazy morning at the house with Leighton before eating lunch and then heading down to the beach by ourselves to enjoy a little sun. Craig acted as the imaginary net for Andrew and Lauren’s very competitive paddle ball game in our pool that afternoon, and then we had our own little happy hour on the patio with a game of Buzzword, snacks, and wine.


The day was followed by of a home-cooked meal of flank steak, au gratin potatoes, green beans, and rosemary bread and peach cobbler from the local farmers market that we’d picked up that Sunday. After putting L to bed, we hopped on some beach cruisers with Andrew and Lauren and rode down to Seacrest Beach to listen to some acoustic music under the stars (and amidst the many bikes for rent). Andrew had us in hysterics over the pineapple bucket hat he’d bought at the souvenir shop and would not take off, despite the many pleas from Lauren. We told him that 1995 wanted its fashion statement back, but he did not care, as usual. It was a pretty perfect vacation day.


On our last full day, the boys played golf while most of us girls went to The Pearl (the local boutique hotel) for a few hours of pool time, lunch with a view, and massages. After chasing an infant around for several days and having many fun but not-so-relaxing trips down to the beach, it was a much-needed escape for mama. It was hotter than I would have liked (as it was the entire trip), but it was so nice to sit by the quiet pool with a mojito and a magazine and not have to entertain a tiny human in the hot hot sun. My most amazing mom offered to babysit Leighton so I could enjoy an afternoon of pampering and relaxation, and it was much appreciated!! We truly are so fortunate to have such an incredible grandmother for Leighton… she loves spending time with her, but she’s also so very generous in giving her time so that we can have a little time to ourselves – even when she’s also on vacation. I can’t thank her enough for everything she does for us!


Leighton wasn’t a big fan of the sand, but she seemed to enjoy hanging out in the ocean with us, taking beach naps (as long as I held her, which I didn’t mind), eating lots of puffs and yogurt melts (a new discovery for her this week!), playing with her toys (and coolers) in the beach house, and getting lots and lots of love from her grandparents, aunt, and uncle. I think she’s really going to miss all of her fans now that we’re home!


It’s always nice to come home after being away for a week, but it was such a wonderful trip together! This was our first Sims family trip with grandbaby in tow, and it was certainly one filled with laughter and great memories.


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