Fall Bucket List Item: Pumpkins


I didn’t make an official Fall Bucket List for this year, but I do have several things in mind that I want to do/make/see/eat throughout the fall. One of the first items involved lots of pumpkins — pumpkin picking, pumpkin painting/decorating, and eating all the pumpkin things. So we headed up to Burt’s Pumpkin Farm in North GA for a weekday field trip with my mom. Going on a weekday is highly recommended if possible, as we had the place almost to ourselves.


Leighton was much more interested in running through the rows of pumpkins and picking up wood chips than choosing pumpkins to take home, but I don’t think anyone was surprised by that. Burt’s is a definite drive from Atlanta (took us well over an hour), but it’s worth it for the pretty drive and the massive selection they offer.




So many giant pumpkins!



Later in the week, we set up shop to paint a pumpkin with this little goblin. I’ll just say that I’m thankful I decided to buy washable paint…



She was more interested in painting herself and trying to lick the plates of paint, so I finished up her pumpkin… isn’t that how it usually goes with things like this anyway? 😉



Now the house is fully pumpkined-out and ready for Halloween!


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