Christmas Traditions


It may not be Thanksgiving yet, but we’ve already gotten started on some new Christmas traditions around here. We decided at the last minute to visit Santa last year at a childrens’ store on the Westside, which was great since she was so little. This year, though, I wanted to go with a Santa set-up that was a little more grand. We made a weekday trip to Lenox Mall in Buckhead and it was the best idea ever — not a single person in line! She wore her Christmas striped jammies and looked like the cutest little candy cane. We had Santa all to ourselves, and while Leighton was NOT a fan, we got some priceless photos. She can usually be convinced to give a high five to just about anyone, but she just swatted his hand away… poor guy! I guess he’s probably used to it. She did muster up a wave before we walked off, so hopefully she’s still on the nice list. 😉



We also had to try out the famed Pink Pig, which has been an Atlanta tradition for years. Again, going on a weekday before Thanksgiving proved to be a great idea. No line, and we were in and out in less than 15 minutes. She was much more open to meeting Priscilla Pig, who was a giant walk-around character, and she seemed to like the little train ride. Or at least she didn’t dislike it — I’m not sure she really knew what was going on.





Leighton is still small enough to not really understand most of the things we bring her to, but it’s so much fun starting these family traditions that we’ll always cherish. And those Santa outtakes… they’re exactly what I expected, and I’ll love them forever. Screaming Santa photos are kind of a right of passage… right?

Next up, decking the halls for Christmas — but not until Thanksgiving is over! Gotta give Turkey Day its moment. What other fun holiday traditions should we try out this year?

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