Another Thanksgiving has come and gone, and it’s hard to believe that the Christmas season is upon us. We stayed in town last weekend to celebrate the holiday with my family, and it was a lovely, relaxing, nice way to spend the past few days.

Thursday was spent at my brother’s in-laws’ house. They are so gracious to host a big Thanksgiving meal each year for their family, and they always include us when we’re not traveling. I love that our families mesh so well that we like to spend holidays together. 🙂  Leighton was OBSESSED with their two daschunds and spent a good part of our time there following them around and yelling “dod! dod! dod!”






My brother fried a turkey and my dad fried his specialty okra, and we had about 7 different kinds of potato dishes, as well as a couple veggies thrown in for good measure. I made my grandmother Nana’s famous pumpkin chiffon pie, and it turned out a lot like I remember from childhood.  There was enough food to feed probably 3x the large crowd we had, so we got to take home leftovers, which is one of the best parts!





We spent the rest of our day napping, watching football, and just relaxing/eating leftovers. It was glorious. And speaking of thankFULL, we have so much to be thankful for this year! Our healthy, happy, thriving baby girl comes in at the top of the list, though. We’ve had the most incredible year, and I’m so grateful for the abundant blessings we’ve been given.


I snuck in a couple family photo sessions over the weekend, but work is finally winding down after an insane two month holiday rush. One of my college friends who now lives out of state dropped by to visit and meet Leighton Friday afternoon, and it was so fun catching up! We had a little family date at our new fave Mexican place down the street, and those ritas and cheese dip hit the spot after all that turkey day food.


We totally jinxed ourselves talking about our great fake Christmas tree that we’ve had since we got married, because Saturday morning when we put it together, 1/3 of the tree wouldn’t light up. Go figure! So off to Home Depot we went in search of our first real tree. We were crunched for time due to friends coming over to watch football, and we miraculously both agreed on the first tree we looked at. It’s a pretty big guy – probably 8′ tall or so, and it smells AMAZING!! I grew up with real Christmas trees, but I’d forgotten about that smell. No need for “Christmas tree in a can” this year! (Craig may disagree – he has a slight obsession with that scent.)


We’ve trimmed our tree, and our halls are decked, so it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!

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