Christmas Jammies: A Photo Tradition

Leighton isn’t quite as easy to photograph as she was this time last year since she’s constantly on the move! She is just shy of 15 months old, which is hard to believe. Last year, I photographed her in the cutest Christmas pjs, so I decided this will become a yearly tradition. I had to bribe her with blueberries to sit in the rocking chair, but whatever works, right? At least it was something healthy. It’s only fitting that she really smiled once she got hold of the remote control, which is her absolute favorite. She sure keeps our hands full, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. What an incredible year it’s been, and we’re so excited for our 2nd Christmas with our red-headed little elf!






Just for fun, here’s a comparison from last year to this year. She’s still got those big blue eyes and puckered lips (and still not a lot of hair), but it’s amazing how much she’s grown!


And before we decorated the tree, I couldn’t resist getting some sweet shots of her checking out Christmas lights for the first time. She was pretty enamored when we first plugged them in, but in true LL fashion, the only way to keep her still for photos was with snacks. 😉



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