A Few of My Favorite Things (155)

Well, we (the city of Atlanta) prepared for #Snowpocalypse2017 last weekend, but all we ended up with here was a bit of ice and some freezing cold temps. I’m glad, because I had a weekend full of photo sessions and we had a 1st birthday party to attend… no time for snow and ice! I was honored to be asked to photograph one of my best friend’s mom’s surprise 65th birthday party at the Intercontinental Hotel on Saturday night. It was such a fun evening with great food, funny stories from her friends and family, and even a guitar/harmonica performance of a song that her brother wrote for her.

It was a busy, cold first week of the new year. We have another busy week ahead, but it’s full of mostly fun stuff and more photo sessions, so I can’t complain. Happy Monday!

[LL’s look of the week – perfect for shopping and lunch at Avalon]

[camera upgrade (on top) for the new year]

[ready for snow!]

[Charlotte’s ONEderland birthday]

[cake time!]

[sweet party favors]

[Avery is ONE]

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