A Few of My Favorite Things (157)

[when asked “Where’s Coco?”]

[pink on pink on pink]

[black bean facial]

[and a perfect yogurt mustache]

[my new assistant chef]

[happy 31st to the best little bro!]

[Stella & Dot look of the week:: Amala Pendant Necklace // Old Navy sweater]

[Feb ’15 – eating paper towels // Feb ’16 – identifying animals in books]

[Greek lunch date with my favorite bride-to-be]

[zoo in January? yes, please!]

[finding giraffes in books and in real life]


[testing out Hello Fresh – get $40 off your first delivery!]

We are testing out the Hello Fresh meal service this week, and so far, we’ve been pleasantly surprised. We picked out 3 meals from the weekly offering (they change every week), and although the box barely arrived later in the evening than we’d have preferred, we were able to make the first one last night when we got it. It took a little longer to cook than we expected, but that’s probably just because we didn’t have it in time to prep anything in advance (like cutting the veggies). Dinner was delish, and even Leighton hopped up in our laps to steal several bites. This is in no way sponsored, but they offer a really great referral discount for new users. Use this link to get a whopping $40 off your first delivery! Considering it’s about $60 for 3 different 2-person dinners, that’s a really fabulous discount to try out the service.

In other news, it’s been a fun and busy couple weeks around here. We celebrated my little brother’s birthday with dinner at Miller Union and some drinks at Cooks & Soldiers (mental note to go back for dinner sometime), and I had a weekend full of photo sessions. The weather has been beautiful this week, which called for an impromptu trip to the zoo with Grandma. She brought a lift-the-flap Zoo book she has for L, and we had fun looking for the different animals from the book to see if there were at the zoo. Leighton just learned how to make an elephant sound and she throws her arm up in the air like its trunk — it’s really adorable, and it was neat to get to show her a real live elephant at the zoo!

Hope y’all have a lovely weekend! And although I’m not really a pro football fan, I feel like I need to say it — RISE UP! Here’s hoping that the Falcons can pull out a win in the Super Bowl on Sunday!

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