love is all you need. vday 2017.


I’ve had so much fun planning little things for this Valentine’s Day, because let’s face it, holidays are just a lot more exciting when you have a little one to celebrate with. I may have gone slightly overboard picking out some goodies for her, but it’s just so much fun shopping for her, and Target just has a way of suckering me into buying something cute every time I enter its doors. She is obsessed with her little toaster oven for her kitchen because the toast flies out and onto the floor when the timer goes off. I particularly love her ladybug raincoat (Cat & Jack does it again!), and the flamingo hooded bath towel. And I thought those felt flowers were so cute to give her for Valentine’s because they’re indestructible, and now they’re adding some color and sweetness to her kitchen. She got some more thoughtful goodies from several family members… she’s one loved little lady!

I had big plans of making all the heart-shaped things on Tuesday, starting with pink pancakes for breakfast. They tasted delicious and were definitely pink, but next time, I need to invest in a heart-shaped pancake mold or just use a squirt bottle filled with batter to draw hearts on the pan. Leighton didn’t seem to mind, though, so I’ll call it a win.



After hearing about a cute little French flower stand that would be set up at the Westside Provisions District, L and I took a little field trip to pick out some fresh blooms for my mom, who is also known as one of L’s bffs and her favorite babysitter. She’s so gracious with giving so much of her time to help us with watching Leighton so we can work and also have a little fun… so some surprise flowers seemed appropriate on the day of love.



Craig and I decided a couple years ago to stop doing a nice dinner out on VDay… after all, who really likes paying too much money for a pre fixe menu and having to sit at tiny two-top tables that are so close to the next table that you may as well be sitting with those strangers?? 🙂 We’ll usually do our dinner out prior or just afterward, because we always love an excuse for a date night. I was unfortunately down for the count with a fever on our scheduled date night, so that’ll have to happen later…  but I did get some pretty flowers a little early to brighten my day. 🙂


Instead of going out, we invited my mom over (dad’s out of town for work) and had a little family dinner date. We made heart-shaped chicken parm with pasta and finished up with skillet s’mores. Y’all. They’re they easiest, most bang for your buck dessert ever! I could practically bathe in that chocolatey, marshmallowey goodness. Hope you all had a lovely day, whether it was spent celebrating with a loved one, your galentines, or just hanging on the couch with a pint of ice cream!



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