Atlanta Food Walks

(photo courtesy of Atlanta Food Walks)

For Christmas, my mom was given a really fun, thoughtful gift from our family friend –  tickets to Atlanta Food Walks, a walking food tour through downtown Atlanta. Our friend asked if I could join mom for the outing, so I happily obliged. 🙂


We met at Paschal’s and our lovely tour guide, Ashley, started off with some history about Atlanta and the Civil Rights Movement. Did you know that Paschal’s is the unofficial headquarters of the CRM? She and our guide-in-training shared so many interesting stories about the city’s history, much of which tied in with food and the restaurants we would be visiting. i won’t spoil any more tidbits for anyone who might want to take this tour, but I will share more photos, because of course I took some at almost every stop.

(photo by our tour guide, Ashley)

We had the most delicious, moist and crispy fried chicken at Paschal’s (which was Dr. Martin Luther King’s favorite, and I can see why), yams, chicken gravy, and dressing. Even after going to seven restaurants/food stands, the chicken was definitely one of the most popular items among our tour group.


Smoke Ring, which we’d actually been to once a few years ago, served up a large plate of BBQ samples and a strawberry lemonade moonshine cocktail. Mom tried pork belly for the first time, and I think everyone cleaned their plates at this stop.



(photo by our tour guide, Ashley)

We walked a couple miles to Arden’s Garden and tasted a couple juices as well as “cheesy” kale chips. I also bought some Fuzzy Kisses… any guesses as to what those are?

Sweet Auburn Curb Market was our last stop, which included 4 food stand “tastes” — Grindhouse Killer Burgers, Just Add Honey (a boutique Southern tea shop), Metro Deli (soul food, including a really tasty hoecake), and Miss D’s Pralines (so many amazing sweets).



My mom and I loved our afternoon spent together being touristy, learning some really neat things about the city’s history, and eating our way through Downtown. The tour guides were wonderful and so knowledgeable, and everything we tasted was fantastic. I highly recommend this for both visitors and locals. We can always stand to learn more about our great city, right?

(photo by our tour guide, Ashley)

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