winter bucket list

I’ve decided that I really like making bucket lists for each season. Sometimes, the days and weeks go so quickly that each season is gone before we know it, so this encourages us to make the most of them!  The winter tends to be a little quieter around here after the hype of the holidays, so hopefully this list will inspire us to get out and do some fun things between December and February!

1. Try 2 new restaurants each month (Dec  / Jan / Feb) — Dec: 1Kept, Seed, Coast, Pallookaville; Jan: missed the boat on new places; Feb: Mali Thai, Ecco, Slice & Pint, drinks at Ink & Elm)

2. Drive around Atlanta to look at Christmas lights — DONE!

3. Beer tasting at Monday Night Brewing — DONE!

4. Bake Christmas cookies! (didn’t get to this one, but we did make brownies and peppermint ice cream! 

5. Plan our annual girls Christmas dinner + ornament exchange — DONE!

6. Find somewhere to volunteer together

7. Have exterior of house painted, trim fixed, and possibly add street number to front door — DONE!

8. Visit the million+ Garden Lights at Atlanta Botanical Garden — didn’t make it here thanks to the rain

9. Learn Lightroom photo editing program — in progress

10. Go to the gun range and practice shooting (my first time!) — DONE!

11. See another improv show at Dad’s Garage Theatre — DONE!

12. Have fondue and movie night — DONE (did this for Valentine’s Day)!

scarecrows and banjos and gardens, oh my!

Every fall, I make sure to plan a visit to the Atlanta Botanical Garden for their annual “Scarecrows in the Garden” event. To me, it’s the epitome of fall’s arrival… TONS of scarecrows decorated by people and organizations from all over the community, pumpkins, seasonal ales, great weather, and banjo music!  I actually got two exhibits for the price of one, because the gorgeous, huge living sculptures from “Imaginary Worlds” were still on display.

Fun evening with some of my puppet coworkers::

Scarecrow Sockly, the Center for Puppetry Arts’ scarecrow — he’s modeled after our 8′ tall sock puppet mascot::

Some pretties from around the garden::


The Earth Goddess – a beautiful, HUGE sculpture/water feature::

This gal had a great duct tape dress and hat::

The Royal HAY-by::


Black bird pie… made out of a kiddie pool::

Fabulous pink ponies and skeletons! I think these were my favorite::



Such a pretty view of part of the Midtown skyline at dusk::
Such a lovely way to wind down October and get ready for the holidays – and cold weather!  There’s just one week left for both of these displays, so be sure to visit soon if you’re in Atlanta!

fall bucket list


I don’t think Fall Bucket Lists are quite as popular as those made for the summer, but I’m going to make one anyway. There are always so many fun and festive things to do throughout the fall, so here’s my list of to dos from now through Thanksgiving!

1. Try 2 new restaurants each month (Sept / Oct / Nov) — completed Sept (Corner Taqueria, The Family Dog, Bell Street Burritos, Cafe Lapin, Pasta Vino); completed Oct (Smash, Heirloom BBQ, Farm Burger, New Yorker Deli); Nov (Hottie Hawg’s BBQ)

2.  Cheer on the DAWGS at a UGA home game — DONE!

3. Host some game day parties in the man cave for Auburn football (and Georgia, of course…) — DONE!

4. Go to Rhinos and Winos at Zoo Atlanta — DONE!

5. Scarecrows in the Garden at the Atlanta Botanical Garden — DONE!

6. Pick out pumpkins at Burt’s Farm in October — DONE!

7. Celebrate Craig’s 31st in Nashville! — DONE!

8. Take 1-2 more photography classes through Southeast Photo Adventures —  one DONE!  (online class re: lighting) 

9. Make Craig’s fabulous chili recipe more than once (or at least several soups and stews this season) — DONE!

10. Make homemade pumpkin donuts — DONE! (made pumpkin muffins because I don’t have a donut pan)

11. Finish re-doing the deck — DONE!

12. Finish the kitchen/front room/guest room valances — DONE!

13. Finish Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving