restaurant review:: the general muir

We celebrated my little brother’s 29th birthday last night with dinner at The General Muir. He raves about this place, located at Emory Point, and I’ve been excited to check it out. It’s essentially a New York Jewish deli, but a bit fancier than just a walk-up counter (although they do have that as well). A neat fact — the restaurant is named for the refugee transport ship that brought co-owner Jennifer Johnson’s mother and grandparents, Holocaust survivors, to New York in 1949.

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We started out with a couple orders of the Poutine (fries, gravy, cheddar cheese curds, crispy pastrami), Deviled Eggs, Matzo Ball Soup, and Swiss Chard Fritters. Everything was demolished, so I’ll assume it was all good. My favorite was most definitely the Poutine, and you can see why from the photo below.
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A few of us chose “The Burger” (gruyere, caramelized onions, crispy pastrami, Russian dressing, pickles, and fries) after seeing countless plates of them being carried by our table. Chef Todd Ginsberg is credited with creating the famed Bocado burger (which has been my favorite in the city), and he absolutely did not disappoint with his version here. In fact… I think it’s now tied with Bocado for my favorite Atlanta burger. I didn’t think I’d care for the dressing and pastrami on the burger (I’ll confess that I didn’t really know what pastrami was), but I was so wrong. The flavors were unreal, and the freshly made bun was perfection. The fries were piping hot and drizzled with sea salt – also perfect. 
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So there were 8 people at our table… and we ended up with 7 desserts. Yikes. I blame it on the menu — too many choices (all of which are made in-house), and they all sounded good. One of my favorites, which was unexpected, was the Blood Orange and Brown Sugar Cheesecake — such a unique flavor combination, and pretty to boot. All of the desserts were a hit.
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I’m sort of sad that it’s taken us this long to make it over to Emory Point to eat at The General Muir. I hear their fried chicken (only on Fridays) is some of the best in the city, so I think we’ll be back soon… although I don’t know how I will keep from ordering that burger!

restaurant review:: West Egg {dinner}

You guys. Most everyone in Atlanta knows that West Egg Cafe is one of the best brunches in the city. But did you know that their dinner is also really, really good? Last week, I snapped up a Scoutmob Handpicked deal for a $35 West Egg dinner for 2, which included a carafe of wine, a sampler app platter, 2 entrees, and 2 desserts (view deal here, good through Aug 2014). We didn’t have any plans on the Thursday before July 4th since we were staying in town, so we headed to the Westside for a little dinner date.

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This is the chef’s sampler platter:: homemade pimiento cheese, hummus, veggies, toast points, crackers, and ham. YUM. We cleaned the plate in about 5 minutes.
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I had my eye on the Pig & Grits, but I ultimately went with the Meatloaf & Mac, because how could I not have pimiento cheese in 2 of the 3 courses I ate? Everything on my plate was delicious — yes, even the green beans. The mac was so creamy and cheesy, and the meatloaf was incredibly moist and flavorful. I also enjoyed the zig-zag design they made with the sauce. Craig chose the “PB&J Burger” — pimiento cheese, bacon, and tomato jam — and every last bit was devoured. He said the burger itself was good (nothing out of this world), but the combo of the three toppings was spot-on.
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Not one, but TWO desserts included? Yes!
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Craig took that opportunity to get something he knew he wouldn’t have to share with me — Banana Pudding. It was such a great presentation, and the meringue was really sweet and crisp. I didn’t taste the pudding, but Craig almost licked the mason jar clean. I think it was a winner.
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I picked the Oatmeal Cream Pie  made with oatmeal cookies and marshmallow creme…. it was divine. It was also huge, so I took half home with me to enjoy later. I liked that the cookies had large oats and were sweet, but not overly so. The marshmallow filling was just right.

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If you’re in the Atlanta area, grab one of the Scoutmob Handpicked deals and go to West Egg for dinner this summer!
(This post was not sponsored in any way by West Egg or Scoutmob. I just really like to eat out and take advantage of great deals.)

restaurant review:: Ammazza

Located in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, Ammazza is one of the newer wood fired pizza joints to make some competition for famed Antico Pizza. While I think the verdict was still that Antico wins for the actual pizza, I’m really glad we checked this one out. It’s located in a cool old brick building and has a big, airy dining area with a bar at the back, as well as a quaint little patio outside. You order at the counter as soon as you enter the building, and the dining area features big windows looking into the kitchen so diners can see the pizzas as they’re being made.

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We started with the Polpete (homemade meatballs, tomato sauce, romano, mozzarella and ricotta). What we didn’t realize is that they’d be served in a cast iron dish and SWIMMING in melted, hot cheese. I could have just eaten this for dinner. In fact, I’d like some right now.

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Pizzas are offered in either 12″ or 16″ sizes. We split the 16″ Ammazzare (artisan Italian sausage, roasted peppers, vidalia onion, basil, and house mozzarella). It came out rather quickly (but not as quickly as the .5 seconds it takes at Antico) — our only complaint was that because we were sitting outside, the pizza got cold really quickly. I’ll attribute that to the abnormally chilly May weather we were having. The pizza was well-cooked, and the toppings were a great combo.

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Overall, I think Ammazza gives Antico a good run for its money. Although plenty busy, the crowd was still a lot smaller (a good thing in my book), the dining area was a lot larger and not crazy loud, and while you can’t BYOB at Ammazza, their bar was fully-equipped with fun cocktails and good beer/wine options. I’ll look forward to going back again.

restaurant review:: slice & pint (emory village)

Slice & Pint is a new-ish pizza place in what used to be Everybody’s Pizza over in Emory Village. Some friends recommended checking it out, so we headed across town a couple weekends ago for… you guessed it, pizza and beer. They have a nice selection of beer and it sounds like they’ll be brewing their own in a couple months. The pizza options were also great — so many interesting options, and you can build your own as well.

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I am usually a pepperoni/sausage/peppers kind of girl, but I decided I should branch out and try the Chicken Pesto pie (housemade basil pesto, marinated chicken, roma tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella & feta)… it did not disappoint.
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Craig got the Carlos (chipotle adobo sauce, portuguese chorizo, grass fed ground beef, mozzarella, cheddar, roasted corn, green onions, cilantro). It wasn’t as spicy as I thought it would be, but in my mind that is a good thing. The flavors were great, but I wasn’t the biggest fan of corn on pizza.

20131122-274409-slice-and-pint-carlos(image from Serious Eats)

After dinner, we checked out  Ink & Elm, which seems to be a new hot spot in town. The restaurant has 2 sides — one that is more casual, and one that is more  “Mad Men”-esque. We chose to have a drink on the more upscale side, which features large wingback chairs in the bar area. It has a really neat vibe throughout, and I’m excited to go back for dinner sometime.
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While we don’t live anywhere near the Emory Village area, it’s really nice to have different options around the city. I hope Slice & Pint and Ink & Elm are here to stay. I know we’ll certainly be back.