bump watch:: 28 weeks

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# weeks: 28 — baby is the size of a head of cauliflower!
Measuring approx 16″ long and weighing 2.5 lbs.

Photo location: The Franklin Theatre in downtown Franklin, TN.
I adore this historic part of the city and love wandering their streets whenever we’re in town visiting Craig’s family.

Best moment this week: Getting a healthy report at my doctor’s appointment and hearing that I passed the glucose test! Long live sweets! 🙂

Miss anything: Same as last week — not getting to wear the majority of what’s in my closet, but at least it’s forcing me to be creative with what I can wear for now. Also rolling over in bed easily — that’s getting harder by the week!

Cravings: Not really craving anything this week, as I’m sure we’ll get our fill of delicious meals and desserts while my parents are in town.

Feeling good/bad: Feeling great, as long as I’m not outside in the heat for too long (but I’d venture to say that’s the same for everyone in the South, right?).

Baby purchases/gifts: Craig’s brother and his girlfriend gifted us with bags of the cutest, sweetest little outfits, ranging from newborn to 18 months, which is so great! I’m especially in love with the leggings with the heart on the bottom. Can’t wait to see her crawling around in those!


Looking forward to: My parents will be here for several days this week to close on their new house and celebrate Father’s Day, which is sure to be a fun weekend of eating out, seeing their new digs, and celebrating our dad/grandpa-to-be!

bump watch:: 27 weeks


# weeks: 27 — baby is the size of a cucumber!
Measuring approx 15″ long and weighing 2.2 lbs.

Best moment this week: Getting Craig back home after a long weekend away. Coco and I missed him a bunch — BUT it was a nice excuse to spend time with some girlfriends and enjoy a little “me” time, too!

Miss anything: Missing the majority of my summer wardrobe right about now… and I have a feeling that I’ll be adding “putting on my own shoes” to the list soon. 😉

Cravings: Same ol’, same ol’…. dessert for life.

Feeling good/bad: Those outdoor photo sessions in 85-90 degree heat are getting harder, but other than that, I can’t complain!

Baby purchases/gifts: The infant car seat we registered for arrived on our doorstep a few days ago, as a gift from some longtime family friends — what a nice surprise! And my college friend gave me the BIGGEST box of baby clothes that her 3 girls have outgrown… it was so fun going through everything! It is incredibly heartwarming and humbling to receive gifts from friends and family near and far — baby Hayes is already very loved! Her nursery curtains also arrived, so I got those ironed and hung to add a little dash of whimsy to the windows.

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Looking forward to: Heading to Nashville this weekend for one of Craig’s high school friend’s weddings and spending some time in historic downtown Franklin while we’re there! Also, I get to do the dreaded glucose test tomorrow at my doctor’s appt, but I hear it’s really not all that bad. Fingers crossed that I pass the test so I don’t have to give up my beloved sweets for the next few months!

bump watch:: 25 weeks


# weeks: 25 — baby is the size of a rutabaga! 
Measuring approx 9″ long and weighing 1.7 lbs.

Best moment this week: Having a long weekend in town, time with friends, and getting to snuggle with my friend’s brand new baby!

Miss anything: An icy Blue Moon poolside would have been nice over the holiday weekend, but otherwise, not missing much!

Cravings: Oh, just getting my fill of sweets and watermelon this week.

Feeling good/bad: Feeling great, other than being extra sore after an outdoor family session last weekend… it’s getting harder and harder to bounce around and crouch down on the ground like I usually do at my sessions!

Baby purchases/gifts: My coworker Bill gave us the cutest Viking knit hat, which I’m sure will be adorable when she’s big enough to wear it. And thanks to Memorial Day sales, we ordered both the dresser and the glider for the nursery, which finishes off the major purchases for the room. I’m glad we got the glider when we did, as upholstering it is supposed to take up to 12 weeks — yikes! (After much deliberation, we went with this one.)

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Looking forward to: One more somewhat lowkey weekend in town before mine and Craig’s travel schedules go nuts in June.

It’s a…

It’s a…

We had our 19 week ultrasound on Thursday and had the tech write the gender down for us to open once we got home. We got a good bill of health at the doctor, which was the first and most important concern, and this news was just icing on the cake!

We video taped it (press play above) and I’m so glad we have something to commemorate the moment we found out we’re having a GIRL!!! I think Craig’s still in shock, but I know he’s going to be great… after all, he already has two girls and he’s still alive!

We couldn’t be with our families to share in the excitement, so we had a little something sent to them to find out. My childhood best friend baked and delivered a cake to my parents, and Craig’s brother’s sweet girlfriend delivered cupcakes to his family over the weekend. It’s so exciting to finally be able to give baby Hayes an identity and start thinking of her as an actual little person! Let the shopping commence!