BBQ’n for Memorial Day



I don’t know about you, but I love any excuse to have friends over to our house  — for holidays, birthdays, football game watching, or a weekend BBQ. We usually do burgers and dogs or a rack of ribs for summer cookouts. I’m not sure what will be on the grill yet for Memorial Day, but I know it will be delicious! Here are my picks for some great BBQ essentials.


1. The perfect festive tray for hot dogs!

2. A drink dispenser for lemonade or sangria.

3. Striped paper straws are always needed for a party.

4. Wooden Ice Cream Spoons — who wouldn’t love ice cream sundaes for dessert?

5. How appropriate is this cheese board?


And some yummy recipes….

— Refreshing Sangria Bianca for the ladies.

— Festive fruit skewers for kids or adults.

— I’m a sucker for a good burger. Here’s a slight twist on the traditional recipe.

— A healthier alternative to burgers and brats.

— A homemade ice cream sundae bar to finish off the festivities.