restaurant review:: Pallookaville Fine Foods


Pallookaville Fine Foods

Old School Carnival. Fried. Delicious.
Those are the words I’d use to describe Pallookaville’s menu. I’ve been patiently waiting to make the drive across the city to Avondale Estates for months — ever since I heard the first word about the famous corn dog man opening a brick and mortar.


While my parents were in town for Christmas, we made the 30-minute trek in the pouring rain for said famous corn dogs. And they did not disappoint. We may have over-ordered… as we usually do.


We tried the BOILT Nuts (yes, boilt) as a starter, and I’m not the biggest boiled peanut eater, but they were pretty addicting.¬†Each of us got some variation of the corn dog. The boys apparently had very big appetites — they each chose the “Fryinstein Monster,” which is THREE different sausages/hot dogs on a stick! The Fryinstein is the biggest corn dog I’ve ever seen. We also got fries, tots covered in cheese, and milkshakes all around. It was a very filling, but fun way to spend our rainy day lunch.



They also offer sandwiches, baked potatoes with toppings, pork burgers, and salads if you’re not in the mood for a fried dog.

I just wish it weren’t a solid 30-minute drive from the Vinings, or I’d be back more often. But my arteries are probably glad we don’t live any closer.