cabo san lucas birthday trip:: part 2

The guys spent Sunday golfing at the course across the street, so we picked out prime seats at the pool and stationed ourselves there for 8 hours. And of course we treated ourselves to some salty dogs and ritas at the swim-up bar.


The Hilton had such wonderful service. Each day at the pool, someone walked around with a wooden cart and handed out the tiniest, cutest popsicles I’ve ever seen. We chose coconut. What a refreshing treat after being out in the sun all day!

One of my favorite dinners was at Fenicia, an Italian restaurant at the resort.  We sat poolside and had the prettiest view as the sun set over the ocean and reflected onto the pool. 




They surprised me with a birthday dessert (one night early).

After dinner and drinks, we did a little night swimming. The perfect way to end a wonderful day!

8.26.13 — happy 30th birthday to me! The day was absolutely perfect from start to finish — minus one thing. Craig was taken prisoner by Montezuma’s revenge of some sort, and he sadly had to stay in bed the entire day. I hated leaving him inside while we enjoyed our last day of the trip, but I’m thankful that he at least got to enjoy the first few days with us. For those wondering, he’s mostly better now. That Montezuma is no joke.


For my birthday dinner, we were driven on a golf cart to the nearby Las Ventanas Resort. It was one of the neatest, most beautiful resorts I’ve ever seen. Cacti everywhere, white pueblo-style buildings, and an infinity pool that looked like it flowed right into the ocean. We ate at The Restaurant and had the most gorgeous view. It was a most perfect meal — all of us agreed it was one of the best we’ve ever had.




Aside from Craig’s illness, our trip was one of my most favorite that we’ve ever taken. We didn’t do much other than relax by the pool, eat fantastic food, and take in the gorgeous views at the beach, but that was exactly how I wanted to celebrate my birthday. I’ll always cherish the family trips we take, and this was no exception. Can’t wait till our next one!

cabo san lucas birthday trip:: part 1

We just returned from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in celebration of my 30th birthday (and my dad’s 58th birthday, too!). My parents are so incredibly generous to have treated us to this trip, and I will always be grateful for these family trips we’re so fortunate to take together.

Our trip got off to a rocky start in Atlanta when our flight was cancelled almost immediately upon getting to the airport. After a lot a bit of griping and complaining, we were moved to the next flight out to Dallas and then onto Cabo… which left us with about 5 hours to kill. We managed to pass the day away with mimosas and a most delicious lunch at One Flew South, which is the fanciest airport restaurant I’ve ever seen.


After a full evening of travel, we arrived in paradise!
(This photo was actually taken on our way home — I just loved the giant letters on top of the airport.)

We chose to stay at the Hilton Los Cabos, which is in the “corridor” between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, so we rented a van to have our own transportation (I hear cab rides are rather pricey there).  On our way to the resort, we stopped at Mi Casa in the sleepy town of San Jose del Cabo for dinner. The restaurant was really neat — lots of small, colorful rooms, a big outdoor seating area, and a beautiful shop with all sorts of Mexican-inspired trinkets and art.

We had the most yummy, fresh margaritas at dinner, and then when we arrived for check-in at the Hilton, we were greeted with frozen strawberry ritas! That’s what I’m talking about, Hilton.

Saturday morning, we woke up to this. It’s the most gorgeous view I’ve ever seen from a hotel balcony. We seriously lucked out with the location of our rooms — almost top floor and smack dab in the center of the building, giving us the perfect view of the pool and ocean.

I was so worried the week leading up to the trip because of the weather forecast — 60% and 80% chance of rain the first two days. But after a couple quick showers the first two mornings, we had nothing but beautiful sunshine the rest of the trip.

We didn’t get to see it up close, but that giant fenced-in area is where they were burying sea turtle eggs, which should hatch this fall. 

I’ve never seen so many aloe plants in my life.

Our one trip down to the beach.  The first day, the water was so rough that every time it hit the rocks, it would spray up probably at least 20 feet in the air. Quite a sight. The sand was really coarse and sort of hard to walk in, so we stuck to the infinity pool for the rest of our stay. It was closer to the waiters anyway.


The most perfect day. The infinity pool was incredible!
This was the view coming out of our rooms. I love the contrast of the bright clay roof with the blue sky, palm trees, and mountains. 

This is as close as we got to Land’s End, the famed rock formation out in the ocean. We went into Cabo San Lucas just once for dinner, and that was enough for me. I’m not a fan of being harassed by salespeople as we walk down the street, so we decided we’d prefer to stay by the pool at the Hilton instead. I’d have loved to take a boat ride to see Land’s End closer, but maybe next time! 

Dinner at 12 Tribes at the Casa Dorada Hotel. Best tres leches cake and churros ever. Craig tried to lick the plate.


We may have ordered a second helping of this — and extra ice cream.

That covers the first half of our trip! I wish I could share every photo, but you’d be here all day. Check back soon for the second half — and a post about one of the best dinners we’ve ever had.

hola, 30!

I’m 30 and celebrating in Mexico with the 5 people nearest and dearest to me. How in the world did that happen (turning 30, I mean)?

Growing up, I’ve always thought of 30 as a pretty big milestone for which to have accomplished various things in life. When I was in middle school, I made a book about my life (past, present, and future). Let’s see if those predictions ring true. At the ripe old age of about 24 (which I must have thought was ancient back then), my future self was living in Woodstock, GA (funny, right?), married with TWINS (even funnier), and owned a clothing store called Ziggy’s. I was quite ambitious.

Although I don’t own a clothing store or have twins who are 6 years old, there is no doubt in my mind that my life at 30 is more than I ever could have imagined or hoped for.  I’ve been married for over 4 years to the love of my life and we’re building a pretty awesome life together, if I do say so myself. I’m so loved by family and friends, and I love them all just as much in return. We have the funniest, most adorable puppy who never fails to bring a smile to our faces. I have not one, but two jobs that give me a purpose in different ways. I’ve gotten to travel the world and have a travel bucket list that’s still a mile long… I have no doubt I’ll get to cross off many of those items over time.  I count my blessings every day, because sometimes I just can’t believe I’m living the dream. Here’s to a new decade — I am so excited to see what it brings!